CBRC Exam Communique

The College of Respiratory Therapists of Ontario (CRTO) regulates the practice of Respiratory Therapy in Ontario in the public interest. The CRTO fulfils its public interest mandate by ensuring that anyone registered as a Respiratory Therapist in Ontario has met certain registration requirements and is professionally accountable for providing safe, competent and ethical care in accordance with the standards of the profession.

Successful completion of the Canadian Board for Respiratory Care (CBRC) Registration Examination is one of the entry-to-practice requirements.

Earlier this week, the CRTO learned that the July 9 CBRC Registration Examination had been cancelled due to a critical system failure in the exam’s administration software. Yardstick Assessment Strategies (YAS), the exam’s service provider, has accepted full responsibility for this failure.

The CBRC is now working with YAS to rectify this situation. The CBRC will contact all candidates when information about new exam dates and sites are available.

This unfortunate incident does not change the CRTO registration requirements. The status of Members registered with Graduate Certificates of Registration remains the same. Members registered with Graduate Certificates are authorized to practice in Ontario (with general supervision). All Graduate Certificates are subject to standard terms, conditions and limitations.

Exam candidates who are not yet registered with the CRTO may apply for the Graduate Certificate of Registration (GRT). The Graduate Certificate will allow them to practice in Ontario (with general supervision).

To work as a Respiratory Therapist in Ontario, and to use professional title (e.g. Respiratory Therapist or Graduate Respiratory Therapist) a person must be registered with the CRTO.