Standards of Practice

These standards were originally drafted in 1996, were revised in 2004 and again in 2010. The most recent revisions were completed by a working group of Respiratory Therapists (RTs) from across the province of Ontario. These RTs came from a variety of practice settings and represent the diversity of the profession. The standards were established by consensus of the working group and confirmed by a review of the current literature and generally accepted practices. A draft was circulated to the Membership and other key stakeholders in June of 2010. A review of the drafts and final documents was done by the College of Respiratory Therapists of Ontario’s (CRTO) Patient Relations, Quality Assurance and Registration Committees. Final approval was given by the College Council in September 2010.

These standards of Practice will be reviewed regularly and revised every five years at a minimum, or as required. The CRTO Standards of Practice document outlines the requirements for meeting and maintaining the CRTOs ethical and legal requirements of professional practice.

Download PDF: Standards of Practice