Portfolio Online for Respiratory Therapists – PORTfolioOM

The PORTfolio is an online platform that provides a convenient and secure location for CRTO Members to keep track of their professional development activities.

To access PORTfolio click on the link: Member Login.

The PORTfolio consists of the following three (3) components:

  1. Self-Assessment
  2. Learning Log
  3. Learning Goal

When it is a Member’s Review Year, their PORTfolio is submitted for evaluation by a trained Respiratory Therapy (RT) Peer Assessor. Beginning in 2018, all Members will be assigned a Review Year, which will initially be based on if and when they have been randomly selected since 2004. This Review Year will dictate when each Member’s PORTfolio is due to be submitted. Once the Member’s PORTfolio has been submitted and assessed by the CRTO, the Member will be assigned their next Review Year.

The PORTfolio Assessment Criteria is as follows: