Standards of Practice

A working group of RTs from a variety of settings across the province lent their expertise to help the CRTO ensure the new SOP document provides a comprehensive framework for current RT professional practice.

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Once again, RTs are on the frontline of a respiratory disease outbreak, and the coming days will likely consist of high caseloads and perhaps some difficult professional and personal choices.

The CRTO recognizes that in situations such as this, it may not always be possible for RTs to maintain all standards of practice to the same degree as normally expected. As regulated healthcare professionals, your primary focus will need to be on doing whatever you can to provide the best possible care for your patients and their families. We strongly encourage you to work in partnership with other members of your healthcare team, using information from trusted guidance documents and your best professional judgment. If you have any professional practice questions please click here to review our FAQs or contact Carole Hamp RRT, Deputy Registrar at

These standards of Practice will be reviewed regularly and revised every five years at a minimum, or as required. The CRTO Standards of Practice outline the requirements for meeting and maintaining the CRTOs ethical and legal requirements of professional practice.