Standards of Practice

A working group of RTs from a variety of settings across the province lent their expertise to help the CRTO ensure the new SOP document provides a comprehensive framework for current RT professional practice.

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Respiratory Therapists are on the frontline of the current healthcare crisis and are constantly faced with difficult professional and personal decisions with respect to safe patient care. As a member of the profession, you are required to abide by the CRTO’’s practice guidelines in all aspects of your work. However, in the context of a global pandemic, there will be circumstances where acuity and workload do not permit for normal practice. The CRTO recognizes that in those situations, it may not be possible for RT’s to maintain all standards of practice to the same degree as previously expected, especially in situations where the care you provide must be triaged due to human resources limitations. As regulated healthcare professionals, the primary focus will need to be on doing whatever can be done to provide the best possible care for patients and their families. It is strongly encouraged that RT’s work in partnership with other members of the healthcare team, using information from trusted guidance documents, along with their knowledge, judgement, and skills, to find safe solutions or alternatives.

These standards of Practice will be reviewed regularly and revised every five years at a minimum, or as required. The CRTO Standards of Practice outline the requirements for meeting and maintaining the CRTOs ethical and legal requirements of professional practice.