Standards of Practice

These standards were originally drafted in 1996, were revised in 2004, 2010 and again in 2017. The Standards of Practice for the profession of Respiratory Therapy in Ontario have undergone substantial revisions. A working group of RTs from a variety of settings across the province lent their expertise to help the CRTO ensure the new SOP document provides a comprehensive framework for current RT professional practice.

The format has been revised to enhance the ease of access by grouping the content by standard domains (e.g., Documentation, Consent, etc.). Each domain includes the:

  • Standard
  • Performance Requirements
  • Patient/Client Expected Outcomes
  • Related Standards
  • Resources
  • Glossary

These standards of Practice will be reviewed regularly and revised every five years at a minimum, or as required. The CRTO Standards of Practice outline the requirements for meeting and maintaining the CRTOs ethical and legal requirements of professional practice.

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