Websters Dictionary defines a friend as one attached to another by affection or esteem, and possesses the characteristics of compassion, collaboration, encouragement, and respect. We all need that person who, when times are tough, steps up, not back. The one who can be called day or night, to laugh or to cry, and who’s loyalty is never in question.

When one thinks of the values of friendship, it can so easily be translated in the characteristics that define the profession of Respiratory Therapy and its Members.  As an RT, we belong to an elite group.  With only 4000 Members, and by comparison, there are over 250, 000 Ontario Nurses, RT’s are connected by the unique and dynamic personalities that are attracted to this profession. Demonstrated more than ever in the past few years, RT’s are reliable allies in the trenches, that continue to show up, in solidarity and commitment, both in life and at work. There becomes close camaraderie with shared experiences and many of us can say that our dearest friends also happen to be our co-workers. Whether at work or at home, friends make good times better, and hard times easier. 

And lets be honest, who else share’s our sense of humour??

Kelly Arndt

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