Respiratory Therapists can again use ultrasound in their practice without delegation

Up until Jan. 2019, RTs were permitted to apply soundwaves for the purpose of diagnostic ultrasound under a provision in the Controlled Acts Regulation, provided they had a valid order and the procedure was performed in a public hospital. When Medical Sonography became a regulated profession, that section of the regulation was changed to name […]

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Groundhog Day

February brings us Groundhog Day, an 1800’s European tradition, previously known as Badger Day, whereby the animal emerges from its burrow and predicts the arrival of Spring, based on it’s shadow. The popularity of this day grew with the 1993 movie by the same name, which used “Groundhog Day” as a term that meant repeating […]

Vaccine Violence

The pandemic continues to test our society in unprecedented ways, affecting mental health, our safety and sense of security. Recently, the newest crisis faced by our healthcare community and hospitals, is not that of the virus itself, but rather the increasing harassment, threats, and violence at the hands of anti-vaxxers and those opposing public health […]

National Day for Truth and Reconciliation

This past week, the CRTO staff and Council Members participated in Indigenous Corporate training, ahead of the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation. This interactive presentation provided a safe space to learn and dialogue, as we listened to our speaker tell truths and history from his past, and those of the 605 First Nations, Métis, […]

Fighting Fear with Fact

We are once again finding ourselves in the midst of a dual epidemic – one created by a Novel Coronavirus and the other generated by increasingly common panic.  I am always amazed that despite the availability of considerable credible evidence that people still would rather believe their next-door neighbor’s cousin’s ex-wife (who just happens to […]