Physician Assistants as Physician Extenders

The requirement for trained healthcare professionals increases as the pandemic continues to cause overcapacity in hospitals, and as a result, the Ministry of Health is proposing new legislation to support patient care.  The “Advancing Oversight and Planning in Ontario’s Health System Act, 2021 will include many initiatives, including increased funding for community care, increased scope […]

Spring Has Sprung

Spring is upon us and with it comes a season of new growth and beginnings.  Within the next few months, Respiratory Therapy in Ontario is set to grow with the graduation and registration of approximately 100 student RT’s.  It is an extremely exciting time for these graduates, who have studied in unprecedented times.  While they […]

Don’t Take a Selfie

With healthcare workers now becoming vaccinated against Covid-19, we see many of these memorable moments posted on social media, through “vaccine selfies”.  Pictures of band aids, masked smiles and vaccination records reflect celebration and relief, after the culmination of an incredibly long and difficult year.  If you post on public platforms, it is important to […]

Rising to the Challenge

“Why did you sign up for this?” is probably a question that others asked of you during the early, frightening days of the pandemic. It might even have been a question you asked of yourself. But then you undoubtedly shook any uncertainty off, wrapped your stethoscope around your neck, and headed off to see the […]

Fighting Fear with Fact

We are once again finding ourselves in the midst of a dual epidemic – one created by a Novel Coronavirus and the other generated by increasingly common panic.  I am always amazed that despite the availability of considerable credible evidence that people still would rather believe their next-door neighbor’s cousin’s ex-wife (who just happens to […]