As a follow up to June’s blog regarding mandatory vaccinations, the question arises whether a healthcare worker should be required to declare their vaccination status to their employers or to their patients.  Currently, vaccination disclosure is generally not required, primarily due to privacy rights.  However, it certainly does pose many ethical concerns, and one that some have a strong opinion about.  How would employers store, protect and use this information? Is there a possibility of facing disciplinary action, discrimination, or judgement if you remain unvaccinated? 

On the flip side, do patients deserve to make an informed decision in selecting a healthcare provider who choices surrounding vaccination reflects their own? Could a private practice health care provider decline to treat those who have not been vaccinated?  There is a potential for conflict between a patient/client and a healthcare provider if their views do not align.  Regardless, RT’s are required under the CRTO Standards of Practice to “Provide care, including product and services, to patients/clients without discrimination on any basis, and respect the rights and dignity of all individuals”

As long as Covid continues to infiltrate so much of our personal and professional lives, we will continue to have these discussions.

COMMENTS | Vaccination Disclosure? A question of many questions

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