Welcome to the Students section!

This area is intended for students in approved Respiratory Therapy programs at Canadian colleges. It is designed to help students understand the CRTO’s role as a regulatory body and to prepare them for their Respiratory Therapy careers.

CRTO Student Membership

The CRTO offers membership to students in recognized Canadian Respiratory Therapy programs. You may maintain your student membership while you are a student in the RT program.

To practise as a Respiratory Therapist in Ontario, you must be registered with the CRTO either as a Graduate (GRT) or General (RRT) Member. The change from student membership to Graduate (or General) registration does not happen automatically. To receive a certificate to practise in Ontario, you will first need to apply for the Graduate or General Certificate of Registration. You may start the application process if you are in the final semester / completing final requirements for graduation.

You may not begin working as an RT until you are registered with the CRTO (either as a Graduate or General Member) and have received written confirmation and a registration number. Working as an RT includes participating in an employer clinical orientation.