About the CRTO

The CRTO is authorized by the Regulated Health Professionals Act. The role of the College of Respiratory Therapists of Ontario is to regulate the practice of Respiratory Therapy and govern the Members of the College in the public interest.

The College regulates the profession by setting out requirements for entry to practice. In addition, the College develops standards of practice, programs to facilitate Members’ continuing competence and mechanisms to promote interprofessional collaboration and relations between the College and its stakeholders. The CRTO also has processes to address concerns about Members.

Ensuring that only individuals who meet specific criteria enter the profession, and that those already in the profession maintain their competence, helps assure that anyone using the title “Registered Respiratory Therapist” meets certain standards and is a competent, ethical and safe practitioner.

The CRTO Council (Board of Directors) is ultimately responsible for ensuring that RTs are governed in accordance with the legislation. Since the majority of Council members are Respiratory Therapists, the profession is referred to as “self-regulated”. The Council also has a number of public members who are appointed by the government.  There are seven statuatory Committees authorized to perform specific duties and make certain that decisions are made within the legislative framework and in accordance with policies.  Council and Committees are supported by staff who also carry out the day-to-day operations of the College.