Up until Jan. 2019, RTs were permitted to apply soundwaves for the purpose of diagnostic ultrasound under a provision in the Controlled Acts Regulation, provided they had a valid order and the procedure was performed in a public hospital. When Medical Sonography became a regulated profession, that section of the regulation was changed to name specific professions, and this resulted in RTs requiring delegation to use ultrasound in their practice. 

The Ontario Ministry of Health has now amended the Controlled Acts Regulation (s. 7.1 (1) – O. Reg. 107/96 ) to enable Respiratory Therapists to utilize diagnostic ultrasound in their practice under the order of a physician or nurse practitioner. Delegation is no longer required. 

If further information is required, please contact Carole Hamp, RRT – CRTO Registrar & CEO. 

Kerry-Ann Cummings