This past year has shown us again the dedication and determination of Respiratory Therapists across the province.  In a climate that continues to evolve, so do RT’s.  These dedicated professionals have stepped up to not only provide expert care within their specialty, but also to offer support to their healthcare team friends when human resources are stretched.

It’s important, however, to understand professional and personal scope when RT’s are asked to expand their role.  While the professional scope of practice, as defined by the Respiratory Therapy Act, is broad, each RT has their own personal scope of practice that is influenced by factors such as their role within their specific practice setting.  It is up to individual RT’s to determine their own competency, and ensure that they receive appropriate education and training prior to performing new skills.

The CRTO is always available to assist RT’s with questions they may have regarding this or any other topic.  

Wishing you good health and happiness during the holiday season and for the year to come.

Kelly Arndt

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