We are once again finding ourselves in the midst of a dual epidemic – one created by a Novel Coronavirus and the other generated by increasingly common panic.  I am always amazed that despite the availability of considerable credible evidence that people still would rather believe their next-door neighbor’s cousin’s ex-wife (who just happens to be a hairdresser). Unfortunately, when people act on misinformation it can – at best – cause them to waste their time and money (think face masks flying off the shelves) and – at worst – lead to discrimination and a delay implementing appropriate containment measures.

RTs are on the front lines during this most recent outbreak and have an essential role to play in dispelling the myths and misconceptions. Employers, the CRTO, RTSO and CSRT are all endeavouring to ensure the most up-to-date information is available on an ongoing basis.

Stay safe out there, stay informed, and help others to stay informed. It is not the first pandemic and it definitely won’t be the last.

CRTO’s Emergency Preparedness & Infection Prevention and Control Resources

Carole Hamp

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