National Competency Framework (NCF)


2016 National Competency Framework (NCF)

The 2016 National Competency Framework is now available via the link below.

Part I of the 2016 NCF outlines the national standards of competencies required for entry-to-practice and therefore required for credentialing / licensing. Any students enrolled in a Respiratory Therapy educational program accredited by the Council on Accreditation for Respiratory Therapy Education (CoARTE) will be taught these competencies, with the first class using this NCF graduating in 2020.

Part II of the 2016 NCF provides guidelines for progression of those same competencies through 3 additional career stages. Part II can be utilized for a variety of purposes, including career planning, performance appraisal benchmarks, developing continuing education programs, etc.

Please note that Range statements within the 2016 NCF are provided as clarification and outlines examples of the circumstances that an element of competency is intended to cover. The Range statements are not meant to cover ALL elements of a competency but rather, provide a clarification of the wording used in the competency statement and its performance criteria as well as the context in which the competency takes place.

Should you have any question regarding the 2016 NCF, please contact Kevin Taylor, Registrar at or 416-591-7800 x.21.