With healthcare workers now becoming vaccinated against Covid-19, we see many of these memorable moments posted on social media, through “vaccine selfies”.  Pictures of band aids, masked smiles and vaccination records reflect celebration and relief, after the culmination of an incredibly long and difficult year.  If you post on public platforms, it is important to be aware of the dangers that exist due to the information shared, and potentially distributed.  Your full name, birthdate, and partial health card number, along with the location that you received the vaccine, is visible on the vaccine card.   If this not blacked out or blocked from view, it can be used by identity thieves to gain access to other private, personal information and may put you at risk for further scams. 

In the UK, who began their vaccination program prior to Canada, there are instances of scammers selling forged vaccination cards using this type of information found on the internet. 

Do not allow something that has been created to protect you from one enemy, be the reason you are exposed to another.  Pause before you post.

The CRTO will be circulating its new document on The Use of Social Media by Respiratory Therapists to members shortly.  We are interested in your thoughts and feedback! 

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