RT practice has evolved tremendously over the years, and it still has lots of room to grow. Sometimes things hold us back, such as restrictions placed on us by our employers, and often there isn’t anything we can do about that. But sometimes, we hold ourselves back by not knowing what we are authorized to do, and we can definitely do something about that.

Based on the questions I receive; I get a sense that some RTs don’t have a full understanding of what RTs are permitted to do. And if they don’t know, I am willing to bet their employer doesn’t know either. Unfortunately, this means the boat can get missed and an opportunity to expand their role is lost.

The profession of Respiratory Therapy has grown to what it is today by RTs saying, “We can do that”. So, it is vitally important for us to know what “that” is. The CRTO has a number of resources to assist RTs in their understanding of the full scope of RT practice, such as the newly revised Interpretation of Authorized Acts Professional Practice Guideline (you can read all about it in the December CRTO ebulletin).

Another resource is to simply ask us. Any questions about what an RT can do can be directed to Carole Hamp. RRT – Manager of Quality Practice at hamp@crto.on.ca. We are here and we are happy to help.

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