Applicants Educated Outside of Canada

To practice Respiratory Therapy in Ontario, you must hold a certificate of registration (license) as a Respiratory Therapist with the College of Respiratory Therapists of Ontario (CRTO).

Applicants who have not graduated from an approved Respiratory Therapy program must complete an assessment process to demonstrate that they have the competencies (knowledge, skills, abilities and judgment) to provide safe, effective and ethical care. The assessment process is based on the National Competency Profile (NCP). The NCP is a list of competencies considered essential for entering the practice of Respiratory Therapy in Ontario. A copy of the NCP is available at

Any person wishing to undertake the assessment must first submit the following:

  • Application for Registration form and $75.00 application fee;
  • Credential evaluation report;
  • Proof of Canadian citizenship, permanent residency status or a valid work permit;
  • Proof of Language Proficiency;
  • Employment Verification (if applicable); and
  • Registration Verification (if applicable).

Steps in the Application / Assessment Process

  1. Complete the Self Assessment Readiness ToolTM The SART is designed to help internationally educated healthcare professionals understand the respiratory therapy profession in Canada. It describes what respiratory therapists in Canada are expected to know and do. The SART does not provide any evidence or assurance that you will obtain employment as a respiratory therapist in Canada. There is no direct link between completion of the SART and the CRTO’s assessment process; however, the tool will help you assess your skills based on respiratory therapist competency guidelines and to identify possible pathways. The SART is offered at no charge and the information you provide while completing the self-assessment will not be shared with the CRTO.
  2. Review the Application for Registration Guide and complete the application form.
  3. Mail the application form to the CRTO, along with the following:
    • $75.00 application fee
    • Proof of Canadian citizenship, permanent residency status or a valid work permit E.g. photocopy of birth certificate, residency card;

      And, if applicable:

    • Proof of Language Proficiency – Required if the applicant’s first language is neither English nor French and your Respiratory Therapy (or related field) training was not in English or French
  4.  Ensure that other supporting documentation has been sent to the CRTO from third party organizations, for example:
    • Credential Evaluation and Authentication Report – As part of the application process the applicant will be required to have his/her academic qualifications verified by World Education Services (WES Canada). WES will attest to the authenticity of the documents reviewed and prepare a course-by-course evaluation report as required by the CRTO. To have your academic qualifications evaluated by WES, contact WES at
    • Employment Verification Form – Required if the applicant has been working in Respiratory Therapy or in a related field in the last five years. The form must be sent directly to the CRTO from the place(s) of employment
    • Registration Verification Form – Required if the applicant has been registered as a Respiratory Therapist in another jurisdiction, or in another profession. The form must be sent directly to the CRTO from the regulatory/licensing organization
  5. Application Review and Assessment Fee – Staff will review the submission to ensure that it meets the requirements to proceed with the assessment. If so, the applicant will be referred to the assessment process. There is a $500.00 assessment fee which covers the Education Review and the Interview (see below).
  6. Educational Review – The educational review will be used to determine if the applicant’s educational qualifications are sufficiently similar to the Canadian standard reflected in the NCP. As part of the education program review you will be asked to complete the Education Program Review Worksheet and submit the form to the CRTO office together with supporting documentation.
  7. Structured Interview– The structured interview will be used to compare the applicant’s knowledge, skills and experience, acquired through both education and employment, against the competencies listed in the NCP.
  8. Feedback – After the interview, the applicant will receive summary comments on his/her assessment results up to that point.
  9. Clinical Skills Assessment (CSA) – The applicant will be asked to demonstrate his/her ability to safely and effectively apply his/her practical skills and clinical reasoning in clinical simulations. The CSA will be conducted by a CRTO approved simulation facility in Toronto. It will be offered on an as needed basis. The fee for the CSA is $2,750.00. For detailed information about the CSA please see the CSA Guide.
  10. Registration Committee Referral – upon completion of the assessment process, the application will be referred to a Panel of the Registration Committee for consideration. The Panel will review a comprehensive assessment report prepared by College staff. The report will incorporate the results of the educational review, structured interview and the clinical skills assessment.

    Following the review, the Panel may:

      1. Direct that a certificate of registration be issued;
      2. Direct that a certificate of registration be issued with terms, conditions and limitations;
      3. Direct that a certificate of registration be issued upon successful completion of additional training approved by the Panel; or
      4. Refuse to issue a certificate of registration.

    A copy of the decision will be forwarded to the applicant.

  11. Appeals – If the applicant disagrees with the College’s recommendation he or she may appeal the Panel’s decision to the Health Professions Appeal and Review Board (HPARB). The Board is  an independent review board established under the Regulated Health Professions Act (RHPA).

All applicants have the option, at any time, to apply for enrolment in a full-time Canadian respiratory therapy program (outside of the CRTO application process). For more information, please see the Ontario Colleges Application System (OCAS) at

You may not work as a Respiratory Therapist or in any way hold yourself out as a person qualified to practice respiratory therapy in the province of Ontario until after have been issued a certificate of registration.

If you have any questions about the application process, please contact the Manager of Registration through the Contact Us link on the left or via phone at 416-591-7800 x.25.

For information on immigrating to Canada or obtaining a work permit, visit Citizenship and Immigration Canada. For more information on living and working in Ontario, visit Ontario Immigration and HealthForceOntario.