Reporting Obligations

The Health Professions Procedural Code sets out specific reporting obligations for facilities/employers of Respiratory Therapists (RTs).  If you terminate the employment (including during probation), or revoke, suspend or impose restrictions on an RTs practice at your facility for reasons of professional misconduct, incompetence or incapacity you are required to report this to the CRTO.  Should an RT resign in order to avoid revocation, suspension or restriction you are still required to submit a report to the CRTO outlining that you intended such action.

Even if you have not taken any of the above actions, you are also obliged to submit a report to the CRTO within 30 days if you have reasonable grounds to believe that an RT at your facility is incompetent, incapacitated or has sexually abused a patient.  If you have cause to believe that the incompetence or incapacity is likely to expose patients/clients to harm or that sexual abuse will continue, you have an obligation to make your report immediately.

For more information read the fact sheet on Mandatory Facility/Employer Reports or contact Peter Laframboise, Manager, Professional Conduct at extension 37.