“As of Right” Exemption

Under the “As of Right” rules introduced by the Ontario government in 2023, out-of-province regulated Respiratory Therapists (Inter-jurisdictional RTs) who meet specific conditions may start working in public Ontario hospitals, long-term care homes and the University of Ottawa Heart Institute without having to first register with the College of Respiratory Therapists of Ontario (CRTO).

“As of Right” eligibility requirements

  • Respiratory Therapists registered in another province are eligible to start practising in Ontario public hospitals, long-term care homes, and the University of Ottawa Heart Institute under the “As of Right” rules as long as they meet the following conditions:
      1. They have applied for registration with the CRTO.
      2. Their certificate of registration in another province is equivalent to a certificate registration in the General Class in Ontario.
      3. They have not been denied registration by a regulatory body in Canada within two years of applying for registration in Ontario.
      4. A finding of professional misconduct, incompetence or incapacity has not been made about or against them because of a proceeding in relation to the profession of respiratory therapy.
      5. They are not the subject of any current professional misconduct, incompetence incapacity or any similar proceeding in relation to the profession of respiratory therapy.
      6. They hold professional liability insurance or benefit from professional liability insurance coverage or similar protection that extends coverage to Ontario.

For additional information, please see the “As of Right” Guidance Document on the Ontario government website.


  • The CRTO regulates the profession in the public interest. Under its mandate, the CRTO’s registration processes help to ensure that:
    • there is a sufficient number of practitioners to deliver the essential services that RTs provide, and
    • those who are registered with the CRTO have the knowledge, skill and judgment to practice safely.

Inter-jurisdictional Respiratory Therapists who meet the entry-to-practice requirements can be registered with the CRTO within a few days. Once registered, they are accountable to the regulations and standards of practice that govern the profession in Ontario. At that time, their eligibility to practice can be verified through the CRTO’s Public Register of Members.

  • Inter-jurisdictional Respiratory Therapist practising in Ontario under the “As of Right Rules” are not registered with the CRTO, and as such, they are not listed on the CRTO’s Public Register of Members. If an employer needs to verify the individual’s registration, they will need to contact the regulatory body with which the Inter-jurisdictional Respiratory Therapist is registered.
  • Inter-jurisdictional Respiratory Therapists practising in Ontario under the “As of Right Rules” must obtain registration with the CRTO within six months of practice in Ontario.
  • The CRTO cannot verify the Inter-jurisdictional Respiratory Therapist’s eligibility to practice in Ontario before they are registered with the CRTO.
  • The CRTO cannot provide regulatory oversight (e.g., investigate a complaint) until the Inter-jurisdictional Respiratory Therapist is registered with the CRTO.