Terms of Use – Website and Social Media

1. General (website)

a. Copyright/Permission to Reproduce

I. Commercial or for-profit redistribution, use or sale of the materials on this site, in part or in whole, is prohibited except with the written consent of the College of Respiratory Therapy of Ontario (CRTO).

II. The graphics and logos on this site are the property of the CRTO and may not be copied, imitated or used in whole or in part without the prior written consent of the CRTO except as set out under section III below.

III. The materials on this site may be reproduced for personal, non-commercial, and/or educational use, in part or in whole, without further permission from the CRTO, provided that:

        • Credit is given to the CRTO when any electronic media is reproduced.
        • Due diligence is used to ensure that the documents reproduced are accurate.
        • Reproductions of electronic media are not represented as:
          • official CRTO versions
          • being created in association with the CRTO, or
          • being created with endorsement from the CRTO.

IV. Reproduction of information from the CRTO website must not be included as part of a published work (i.e., book, journal or website) without prior written consent from the CRTO. If permission is granted by the CRTO, users are required to notify the CRTO when the work is published or posted for verification.

V. For permission to reproduce or redistribute CRTO electronic media, please contact the Office of the Registrar at officeofregistrar@crto.on.ca.

b. Website Privacy

The CRTO is committed to protecting the privacy of individuals who access the CRTO’s website. The following outlines the information that may be collected from individuals accessing the CRTO website:

      • Personal Information
        The CRTO does not use the website to gather any personal information, such as names, phone numbers, email addresses, etc. unless it is necessary for the purpose of regulating the profession in the public interest. This includes collecting personal information through online forms used to address Members’ and the public’s needs.

        The CRTO aims to protect the security of personal information during transmission to the CRTO when using the website (e.g., submission of an online request or a form using encryption such as Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol when transmitting personal information.

        • Internet Protocol (IP)
          The CRTO tracks the Internet Protocol (IP) addresses of users who access its website. The information is strictly used for statistical purposes and to observe user traffic through various website areas. Information gathered from logging IP addresses may include the type of browser used, date and time of visit, and pages/documents viewed. No information can be obtained from IP logging that could identify individual users.

        • Cookies
          The CRTO’s website stores a random string of text in a cookie to track each unique user session on the website. Cookies help the CRTO enhance a user’s online experience. Cookies used by the CRTO’s website do not store any personal information and expire when the Internet browser is closed. Any information obtained as a result of the website’s use of “cookies” is kept confidential.

      • External Links and Social Media
        The CRTO strives to use external links to reputable organizations that provide information that is relevant to CRTO Members and members of the public. The CRTO does not accept any responsibility for the third party’s privacy practices. Users accessing other sites through the CRTO electronic media should note that each organization has its own privacy policy, and the CRTO’s privacy policy does not apply to other organizations.

        The CRTO uses certain social media sites such as TwitterTM, FacebookTM and LinkedInTM to communicate with its Members and the public. Users who choose to interact with the CRTO via social media are advised to read the terms of services and privacy policies of the relevant platforms.

        For information about how the information of CRTO’s website users is treated, please see the Privacy Policy.

      • External Sources Disclaimer
        Some of the information on this website has been provided by external sources. The CRTO is not responsible for the accuracy, reliability or currency of the information provided by external sources. Users wishing to rely upon this information should consult directly with the source of information.

c. Website Updates

The CRTO updates the website content on an ongoing basis. Individuals referencing CRTO materials are responsible for ensuring they are referring to the most current version of the referenced materials.

2. Social Media
The College of Respiratory Therapists of Ontario (“the CRTO”) may use social media platforms such as TwitterTM, FacebookTM and LinkedInTM and other tools to provide a useful means of communication with our stakeholders.

Rules for posting content
The CRTO welcomes user participation and engagement through our social media. However, any comments or content will be removed if the CRTO determines that the comments and content:

  • Are abusive, obscene, hateful, harassing or use offensive language.
  • Are unlawful, misleading, false, malicious, defamatory or otherwise inappropriate;
  • Constitute spam, advertise, promote or solicit business, and/or are off-topic
  • Include personal information or information that may identify a third party
  • Make false or unsubstantiated allegations
  • Abuse or infringe any intellectual property right
  • Are written in a language other than English or French
  • Breach any law, regulation, standard, order, policy or rule.

In addition, users may be removed or banned from the CRTO’s social media account(s) for violation of any of the above-noted restrictions.

We endeavour to read all comments posted and respond where appropriate during our regular business hours. However, we do not address specific issues and/or complaints through social media channels. Please contact the CRTO directly with respect to specific issues or complaints.

Comments posted by users on the CRTO’s social media channels do not reflect the opinions and position of the CRTO, and the CRTO does not verify or confirm the accuracy of such comments.

The CRTO is not responsible for any comments, content, information, references, links, opinions, claims, or advice in the comments or content posted by users of the CRTO social media sites.

Any sharing or re-tweeting of links on the part of the CRTO does not equate to an endorsement.

Users accessing social media sites through the CRTO are encouraged to read the terms and conditions of use and the privacy policy of those social media sites.