Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Strategy


This strategy is a three-year plan to help the College of Respiratory Therapists of Ontario (CRTO) achieve goals. It provides a direction and commitment for the CRTO so we can respectfully work together with our shareholders / rights holders and value the diversity to build a more inclusive community.

This plan is comprised of three key goals and identifies the priorities and actions that will take place over the next three years. It outlines key roles, responsibilities and how we will track progress to measure success.


  1. Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Audit – identify blind spots and processes that perpetuate systemic injustice and identify current successes and areas for improvement within our policies, practices, communications, and culture.
  2. Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Framework– develop a DEI framework to embed diversity and inclusion in policies, practices, communications, and culture of the CRTO.
  3. Sustainability and accountability – identify and breakdown systemic barriers to equip staff, Council members, and Committee members with the ability to navigate diversity and be accountable


February 2022 – DECEMBER 2024

DEI Audit Identify blind spots and processes that perpetuate systemic injustice and identify current successes and areas for improvement.
  • hire a consultant or firm to perform a DEI audit on CRTO policies & processes, communications and the CRTO website
  • develop an implementation plan
Secure a consultant by March 31, 2022 Have a consultant hired and based on equity audit will determine further measures moving forward.
DEI Framework Embedding diversity and inclusion in policies, guidelines, processes, communications, and organizational culture.
  • development of a DEI statement
  • development of tools to help staff, Council and Committees in their ongoing work
TBD determined based on audit report results Posting of the DEI statement on the CRTO website and other area.

Adoption of tools by staff and committees.
Sustainability & Accountability Equipping staff, Council and Committees with the ability to navigate diversity and be accountable for the results.

Foster a culture that encourages collaboration, flexibility, and fairness to enable all staff, Council, Committees and members to contribute to their potential and increase retention.
  • training of staff, Council members and Committee members
  • review policies and practices to identify and remove systemic barriers to inclusion
  • development of an Equity Impact Assessment (EIA) tool for the CRTO
TBD determined based on audit report results All policies and practices are reviewed and updated on an ongoing basis.

All staff, Council members and Committee members participate in DEI training.

Roles and Responsibilities:

All staff, Council and Committee members have the responsibility to maintain an environment that is safe, respectful, and productive. Everyone has the right to be treated fairly within the workplace in an environment that recognizes and accepts diversity.

We can all contribute by participating in diversity and inclusion activities and opportunities along with complying with all anti-discrimination and workplace diversity legislation.

Through looking at policies, processes, and guidelines that directly or indirectly impact members of the public and the profession, as well as CRTO applicants, staff, Council and Committees in regard to their race, ethnicity, gender, national origin, colour, disability, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, or other socio-culturally significant factors we can continue to move forward building a more inclusive community. 

The success of the strategy is dependent upon the support of everyone in the CRTO. Everyone has a responsibility for contributing to a culture which supports and values diversity and inclusion.

Communication Plan:

Upon completion of the Equity Audit and implementation plan further review will be completed to determine communication needs and next steps.

Evaluation Methodology:

The effectiveness and achievements of our goals for diversity and inclusion will be reviewed and reported quarterly. The report will be provided to the CRTO Council. The review will focus on the implementation of the actions, the progress made and successes. The report will also outline any adjustments required to improve the effectiveness of the strategy.

The evaluation report will include:

  • A qualitative assessment of progress or achievements of the actions
  • A quantitative assessment of the impact of the strategy on key stakeholders’ perceptions and experience of the culture of the CRTO

The outcome of the evaluation and review will guide the development of further action plans.


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