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Registration of Post-Secondary Students in Ontario – Nov. 27, 2017

November 27, 2017

The College of Respiratory Therapists of Ontario (CRTO), as the regulatory body for the profession of Respiratory Therapy, has a responsibility to ensure that any individual granted a certificate of registration possesses the minimum entry-to-practice competencies required to provide safe and effective care to patients in Ontario.

We rely on the accreditation process to provide assurance that each Respiratory Therapy educational program graduates only those students who have demonstrated the required competencies at the entry-to-practice level. The required competencies are outlined in our National Competency Framework and this framework is used by every Respiratory Therapy program in Canada as the basis for curriculum, making them the standard for entry-to-practice in Canada. Employers trust in this standard, the general public trusts in this standard, and patients expect this standard.

Should an educational institution find itself in the position where it must graduate an individual who still has competency gaps, we would expect to receive notification of those gaps, allowing us to take the necessary action to address them. We may still be able to register the individual using a combination of supervision requirements or prohibitions on certain areas of practice to ensure the public safety. This also identifies any gaps to employers, who can then enhance certain aspects of their on-boarding programs to address those areas of concern.

In addition there are other safeguards in effect for applicants seeking a certificate of registration from the CRTO:

  • All members must complete the CRTO’s application process;
  • A Graduate certificate of registration, is subject to standard terms, conditions and limitations;
  • They must successfully complete the Canadian Board for Respiratory Care (CBRC) examination within 18-months from the date they are issued a Graduate certificate of registration; and
  • Only then can they apply for a full General certificate of registration without terms, conditions or limitations.

The CRTO is committed to our fundamental duty to serve and protect the public interest.