Upcoming Professional Events

07/11/2017 - 31/12/2018
All Day
Radon: Is it in your patients’ home
All Day
RTSO Education Conference - Inspire 2019
Toronto Marriott Downtown Eaton Centre, Toronto Ontario



Additional Resources:

    1. Calendar of Health Promotion Days from Health Canada
      Health Canada Online’s Calendar of Health-Related Days lists health-related days, weeks and months that have been announced by recognized health organizations and are recognized throughout the health professional community.

    2. CAMH Smoking Cessation Training
    3. Canadian Lung Association – News and Announcements
    4. Canadian Patient Safety Institute – Events
    5. Change Foundation – Events
    6. de Souza Institute  – Offers courses/programs for health care professionals to obtain specialized skills aiding cancer patients throughout their journey (prevention, screening, diagnosis, treatment, survivorship and palliation). de Souza Institute courses are offered primarily online with the occasional course through Ontario Telemedicine Network or in-person.

    7. Domestic Violence Risk Assessment and Management Training – This FREE training takes about six hours to complete and covers risk assessment, risk management, contextual considerations, information sharing and collaboration. The course has been designed to meet the needs of professionals in the social service, health, education and family law sectors. Participants receive a certificate upon completion of the course.
    8. The Michener Institute of Education at UHN  is a post-secondary institution focused on health sciences education. Their Continuing Education courses and programs help busy health care professionals maintain their skills, enhance or advance their practice, reach their professional development goals, and contribute to the health care needs across Canada and beyond.
    9. Online Training for Violence Against Women
    10. Ontario Association of Home Care – Events and Webinars
    11. Ontario Lung Association – Events
    12. Pear Health eLearning – The Pear Comprehensive Respiratory Education Program will provide practical, practice focused learning to assist you in preparing for the CRE exam. Please visit click here and use access code CRECRTO to register.

    13. RESPTrec – Courses
    14. Safer Healthcare Now! – Events and Workshops
    15. Supportive Approach for Smoking Cessation at the NBRHC (via Hospital News)
    16. UBC School of Population & Public Health: online, on demand, bilingual, free course (“Outdoor Air Quality and Health and the Air Quality Health Index”) – UBC is offering a educational opportunity for RTs: an online, on-demand, bilingual and free course with a focus on Outdoor Air Quality and Health and the Air Quality Health Index. Please visit their website for more information.