Reporting Obligations

There are many reasons to be in contact with the CRTO – practice advice, consultations on proposed guidelines or regulations, registration renewal, and others.  As a professional there are also several instances in which you are required to contact the CRTO such as reporting findings related to offences, professional negligence or malpractice, or information regarding registration and conduct.

Although these requirements are set out by the government, (under legislation like the Criminal Code of Canada, or Health Professions Procedural Code) reporting obligations are also part of the Standards of Practice.  It is important to recognize that abiding by these requirements is one way of sustaining the privilege of self-regulation, insomuch as it will be your peers (and Public Members) who consider the report.

For more information please read the Fact Sheet on Mandatory Reporting by Members or contact Peter Laframboise, Manager, Professional Conduct at extension 37.