Am I Practising?

To practice as an RT in Ontario, you must be registered with the CRTO. RT practice can take place in a variety of settings, such as (but not limited to):

  • Hospitals
  • Community-based practices
  • Educational institutions
  • Independent practices
  • Government health agencies
  • Healthcare research
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Medical equipment supply companies

From time to time, the CRTO receives inquiries from Members regarding their employment and volunteering activities, for example, when considering the Inactive Class of Registration. This fact sheet was developed to help Members determine if they are practicing Respiratory Therapy.

RT Practice

Respiratory Therapists practice in many different areas and settings. In general RT practice involves the following elements:

  • Applying RT competencies (knowledge, skills, judgment, abilities) gained from RT education, employment and experience as an RT
  • Applying relevant RT practice standards, policies and guidelines
  • Having a direct or indirect effect on those who receive RT services
  • Interacting with those that expect you to have RT knowledge and/or skill

Practicing Respiratory Therapy includes both employment and volunteer activities.

Determining if you are practicing as a Respiratory Therapist

You are a practising as an RT if any of the following apply to you.

  • Providing direct patient care RT services to individuals and/or groups of individuals
    • Diagnostic/assessment, therapeutic, and rehabilitation services

  • Providing RT education to patients, patient’s family members, other healthcare professionals (regulated and non-regulated) and/or students
    • Health promotion, health counselling services (e.g., smoking cessation, spirometry testing)
    • Developing/delivering learning resources
    • Information/education related to RT equipment & products

  • Providing administrative services that have a direct or indirect effect on those who receive healthcare services
    • Policy/practice development & implementation
    • Collection of healthcare data/RT related data (e.g., chart audits, RT-related research, data/analysis)
    • Management of healthcare resources (e.g., staffing, equipment)
    • Influencing respiratory therapy practice and/or policy

  • Other activities
    • Sale of RT related products (e.g., medical equipment)
    • Respiratory research and data collection
    • Providing consultation on Respiratory Therapy and related care, equipment and services


If you have any questions related to your practice, please contact Kelly Arndt, Manager, Quality Practice.