New CRTO Professional Development Platform


The CRTO is in the process of transitioning all its Professional Development Program (PDP) tools to a new platform called CRTO PDKeepr. Please read below to find out how this change affects you.

What if you need to submit your PORTfolio by June 1, 2021?

2021 PORTfolio submissions will continue to occur using the existing (soon to be “previous”) Skilsure platform. This site is accessed via the Member Login portion of the CRTO website. Once you have submitted your PORTfolio, you will be able to begin building your 2021/2022 PORTfolio on the new CRTO PDKeepr site starting June 1st.

Please note: If your PORTfolio Review Year is set for 2021, and have chosen to defer until 2022, you will not be able to begin building your 2022 Portfolio on PDKeepr until June 1st.

What if you have information on the Skilsure platform that you want to keep?

You have until August 1, 2021, to print (paper copy or PDF) any information stored on the Skilsure platform that you might want to retain for your records. After that date, you will no longer be able to access the Skilsure site.


What if you need to submit your PORTfolio in 2022?

If you are scheduled to submit your PORTfolio in 2022, you can already begin adding your development activities to the new CRTO PDKeepr platform.


What if you have been using the CRTO PORTability app?

If you are submitting your PORTfolio in 2021, you may continue to use the PORTability app until June 1st. CRTO PDKeepr is a web application that will function as an application when added to your devices Home Screen. For detailed instruction on how to set up PDKeepr as an app on various operating systems, you just need to log in to CRTO PDKeepr, click on the ? (top right-hand side of the screen) and go to “Mobile Instillation”. One of the key advantages of this new platform is that you will be able to access all aspects of your PORTfolio (Self-Assessment, Learning Log & Learning Goal) and other PDP tools (Launch RT Jurisprudence Assessment, RelevanT and various eLearning modules).