Inactive Certificate

A Member registered with a General or Limited Certificate of Registration may apply for an Inactive Certificate of Registration provided he/she is not practising the profession in the broadest sense of that phrase. The purpose of the Inactive Certificate is to allow Registered Respiratory Therapists (RRTs) and Practical Respiratory Therapists (PRTs), who are not currently practicing in Ontario, to maintain their CRTO membership. For example, RRTs on parental, sick or educational leave or those practicing outside Ontario often choose to apply for the Inactive Certificate. The Inactive Certificate of Registration does not apply to Graduate Members of the CRTO.

The following conditions apply to an Inactive Certificate of Registration:

The (Inactive) Member shall not,

(a)      engage in providing direct patient care;

(b)      use his or her professional title or designation;

(c)      supervise the practice of the profession; or

(d)      make any claim or representation to having any competence in the profession