Terms, Conditions and Limitations

Terms, conditions and limitations are restrictions placed on a certificate of registration. These restrictions may be imposed by regulation, such as preventing Inactive Members from “engaging in providing direct patient care”, or imposed on a certificate of registration by one of the CRTO statutory committees for example, as part of an order of the Discipline Committee. The Registration Committee may also place terms, conditions, or limitations on a certificate of registration at the time it is issued.

Terms, conditions and limitations are part of the Members’ public register record and are posted on the CRTO’s website.

Terms, conditions and limitations may be removed from a certificate of registration in a variety of ways including:

  • completing a pre-set time period;
  • completing the approved examination;
  • submitting a request to, and receiving approval from, the committee which originally put the restrictions in place; and/or
  • meeting pre-set conditions, such as completing an educational course or providing acceptable evidence of competence to perform a procedure.