COVID-19 Vaccine Information

The CRTO has been asked by the Ministry of Health to assist Ontario’s Public Health Units in communicating with RTs about how to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. Over the coming days and weeks, you may receive email messages from us with content specific to vaccination in the region that you work and/or live. This information is not being generated by us – we’ll only be passing on information directly from the public health units or the MOH. This is not meant to replace any plans for vaccination that may be in place with your employer. Rather, it is intended by public health to supplement those plans and to also reach those RTs who work independently or in smaller organizations.

Our role will be limited to passing on information only – we will not be booking appointments and any inquiries should be directed to you own public health unit.

To assist in this, we have provided links to relevant information below. We all have a vested interest in having everyone become vaccinated as quickly and efficiently as possible. I encourage you to share this information with your colleagues where appropriate.

Relevant Information Links

  1. Ethical framework for COVID-19 vaccine distribution
  2. MOH Vaccination Plan
  3. Ontario Public Health Units