Member’s Review Year

Each CRTO Member is assigned a Review Year, which is:

  • Initially based on if and when the Member was last selected as part of the previous QAP.
  • Once the Member submits their PORTfolio for the first time, they will be reassigned to a new Review Year based on the outcome of their PORTfolio assessment, which will be either:
    • Five years – if the Member successfully completes their PORTfolio by meeting all of the assessment criteria OR
    • One year – if the Member does not meet all the assessment criteria and requires further review.

Please note that the Review Year is the submission year. Therefore, the Self-Assessment, Learning Log and Learning Goal must include all professional development activities from March 1st in the year prior to your submission year to the end of February of the submission year. (e.g., if the Review Year (submission year) is 2020, then the Member would begin their PORTfolio March 1st, 2019 and include all the professional development activities up the end of February 2020).