Professional Development Program

The CRTO acknowledges that Respiratory Therapists (RT) are committed to lifelong learning and the development of knowledge, skills and abilities throughout their career.  The CRTO’s Professional Development Program (PDP), mandated by the Regulated Health Professions Act and overseen by the CRTO’s Quality Assurance (QA) Committee, is designed to support the ongoing continuous quality improvement of all its Members.

Components of the CRTO Professional Development Program

  • Launch RT Jurisprudence Assessment
  • Portfolio Online for Respiratory Therapists (PORTfolioOM)
  • Specified Continuing Education or  Remediation Program (SCERP)/Practice Assessment

The Launch RT Jurisprudence Assessment is completed by new or recently reinstated CRTO Members to ensure that all RTs in Ontario have the appropriate degree of knowledge regarding standards, guidelines, legislation and regulations that govern their practice.

The PORTfolio is a professional development tool used to capture ongoing professional learning by all CRTO Members on an on-going basis. Members sign a declaration annually stating that they are participating in the CRTO’s Professional Development Program by engaging in continues quality improvement activities and regularly recording these activities in their PORTfolio.

A SCERP or Practice Assessment will only be required if it is identified in the Launch RT Jurisprudence Assessment or the PORTfolio that a Member requires additional education and guidance in order to successfully meet their CRTO PDP requirements. Please follow these links for more information on SCERPs or Practice Assessments.

PORTfolio Review
Beginning in 2018, all Members will be assigned a Review Year, which will initially be based on if and when they have been randomly selected since 2004. This Review Year will dictate when each Member’s PORTfolio is due to be submitted. Once the Member’s PORTfolio has been reviewed by the CRTO, the Member will be assigned their new Review Year.

For more further information please contact:
Carole Hamp, RRT
Manager of Quality Practice
or 416-591-7800 x. 33 or toll-free at 800-261-0528  x. 33