Resignation, Suspension and Revocation

Members who are no longer practising and who do not wish to renew or maintain their CRTO membership are asked to complete and submit the resignation form.

Members who fail to resign their membership, may be suspended or revoked as a result of failing to renew membership.

Under the Respiratory Therapy Act, a Member who has resigned or no longer holds a certificate of registration is prohibited from using the title Registered Respiratory Therapist, a variation or abbreviation or an equivalent in another language and is prohibited from holding himself or herself out as a person who is qualified to practice in Ontario as a Respiratory Therapist.

Returning to the CRTO
If a Member resigns and wishes at a later date to be reinstated, they must apply and meet the registration requirements in place at the time of re-application.

Suspension for Non-Payment of Fees/Failure to Renew Registration

Members who do not renew or resign their membership may be suspended for non-payment of fees/failure to renew registration.

A person whose certificate of registration has been suspended is not permitted to:

  1. Hold himself/herself out as a person qualified to practice the profession in Ontario, including using the title Registered Respiratory Therapist or any variation or abbreviation of these titles, such as RT or RRT.

  2. Practise as a Respiratory Therapist in Ontario.

  3. Perform controlled acts under the Regulated Health Professions Act by virtue of being a Member of the College.

A person who engages in the practice of the profession while his/her certificate of registration is under suspension, is acting in contravention of Ontario Regulation 753/93 (Professional Misconduct), and may be subject to disciplinary proceedings.

The suspension will be displayed on the CRTOs Public Register of Members.

In order to have the suspension lifted, the person will be required to meet all annual renewal requirements, including payment of registration and reinstatement fees as set out in the CRTO By-Law. 

Revocation (Non-Payment of Fees/Failure to Renew Registration)
According to the Registration Regulation, if the suspension (for failure to pay fees/failure to renew registration) is not lifted, the Member’s certificate of registration will be revoked by the last day of the CRTOs fiscal year in which the suspension was imposed.

The revocation will be displayed on the CRTO’s Public Register of Members.

Once the certificate has been revoked, a former Member may re-apply if they:
    a.    satisfy the requirements for the class of certificate which is sought;
    b.    pay the application fee; and
    c.    pay the annual fee for the year in which the new certificate is issued.