As health care evolves and changes, the traditional role of Respiratory Therapists and how they provide care will also need to change. The best way to prepare for this is to identify the skills RTs will need to recognize opportunities and embrace new roles for the profession. A strong clinical background is essential, but there are also many other skills and activities that define a well-rounded Respiratory Therapist.

As professionals, RTs continuously acquire new knowledge that aids in critical thinking and the expansion of skills. Collaborating with other professionals and learning how to function as a leader are important when managing and promoting positive change. Effective communication is vital for RTs when working with peers and patients.

Health care is complex and as it continues to progress, RTs must also GROW to continue to meet the evolving needs of patients.

The College of Respiratory Therapists of Ontario is proud to present a Professional Development Framework for Respiratory Therapists.

The framework consists of several roles that highlight the diverse abilities of the profession. These areas of potential growth reach beyond clinical knowledge to education, leadership and innovation.

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Health Advocate Leader Collaborator Health Systems Navigator Innovator Communicator Educator Clinician

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