Discipline Hearing Definitions

When a Respiratory Therapist admits that the allegations and supporting evidence amount to professional misconduct and/or incompetence. 

Agreed Statement of Facts
The CRTO and the Respiratory Therapist negotiate and agree to a statement of facts regarding the case.  The statement is filed as an exhibit at the discipline hearing. 

Contested Hearing
If the Respiratory Therapist denies the allegations the CRTO must prove their case on a ‘balance of probabilities’ (i.e., it is more probable than not that the Respiratory Therapist committed what was alleged).  If one or more allegations are proven, a penalty hearing is scheduled.

 Joint Submission on Penalty
When the CRTO and the Respiratory Therapist agree on the appropriate penalty.  This most often occurs when a Respiratory Therapist has admitted to the allegations.

Pre-Hearing Conference
A meeting between the Respiratory Therapist and a member of the Discipline Committee who will not be on the panel for the hearing, along with their legal representatives.  The purpose is to try to narrow the issues for the hearing, review legal and procedural issues and obtain an assessment of the case, at which time they may offer resolutions to some or all of the issues.